Bible Basics — The truth must be told!

Referred to as The Best-Seller of all time, the Bible is without a doubt the most influential book ever written. It has shaped the destiny of multitudes, touching people and nations more than any other writing in history. It not only inspires believers; it explains the true meaning of our existence as well. Although Scripture does not answer all the questions we may have, it surely answers the most important dilemmas we may face. It teaches us how to live with purpose and compassion. It encourages us to rely on the Almighty for strength and direction.

According to Scripture, we understand that our sins separate us from a Holy God. We learn that God desires to reconcile mankind to Himself. He longs for a relationship with us. The Lord is so good that He has made a way for us to restore our relationship with Him. But before that, we must understand and accept the following biblical fundamentals: