Our History

Founded more than thirty years ago, New Beginnings Ministry has been a bright and steady spiritual lighthouse in Montreal – faithfully proclaiming the message of salvation available in Jesus Christ. Early on, NBM Church was recognized as a place where the mighty Word of God was declared, providing a robust spiritual diet for serious believers.

Our modern society has changed drastically in the last three decades, yet New Beginnings Ministry has never swayed from the truth. On the contrary, it continues to equip and strengthen Christian believers – encouraging them to remain faithful to Christ and His Word among a confused generation.

How it all began

New Beginnings Ministry was incorporated on July 5th, 1989. Quite a popular term nowadays, the Lord gave the name “New Beginnings” to Pastor Russell and Mimi LeGassick as a representation of the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers who would attend this assembly – giving them a “New Beginning” in Christ!

Starting in their own basement in Pierrefonds, Québec, Rev. LeGassick and his wife Mimi eventually rented a small storefront location in LaSalle and prayed the good Lord would bring believers of like-faith to their humble Christian Center. Shortly thereafter, the Lord in His goodness saved and sent Pastor Stéphane Chauvette – joining Pastor Russ and Pastor Mimi to form the three-fold cord of New Beginnings Church. In fact, on one memorable Sunday morning, only the three pastors showed up to worship the Lord. No visitor. But from that point on, things would start to look up. Not despising small beginnings, they remained faithful over all the years and witnessed the hand of the Almighty at work in the life of many new believers – themselves becoming solid members and leaders of New Beginnings Church.

A place of refuge where believers worshiped the Lord in spirit and in truth, New Beginnings Church grew in faith and in numbers over the next five years. Quickly outgrowing its facilities, the Ministry eventually purchased its own building in 1995, renovating and creating a house of worship capable of welcoming more than 250 faithful in its sanctuary. Since that time, the congregation of NBM has remained at this location – steadfastly gathering together every week to worship the Saviour of mankind. Furthermore, in recent months, no less than a half of a million dollars has been reinvested in the Church facilities – making sure the house of the Lord remains ravishing, neat and welcoming.

Earning praises from all three levels of government for its fiscal transparency, New Beginnings Ministry/Church is recognized for its outstanding financial practices. ‏Remaining debt-free, New Beginnings has always contributed generously to world missions, to various Christian ministries and more recently, supporting other neighbouring churches. Needless to say, NBM Church is a giving church!

On a musical level, from the beginning, the Church also forged an enviable reputation for its incomparable praise & worship – always visited by the tangible presence of the Almighty. Led by Pastor Stéphane for three decades, the worship team has remained focused on welcoming the anointing of the Holy Spirit – performing a perfect mixture of songs and hymns, traditional and contemporary.

Sunset and Sunrise

On June 16th, 2013, Pastor Russell and Mimi LeGassick officially announced their retirement and transferred the government of NBM Church to Pastor Stéphane Chauvette – passing on the mantle of Senior Pastor of the Ministry to the leader of a “New Generation”. It was altogether a sunset for the old administration and a sunrise for the new – knowing that in the steady hand of Pastor Chauvette, New Beginnings Ministry would continue to be a Church focused on serving the Lord and equipping the Saints in their walk with Christ.

Sadly, on February 6th, 2015 – just a few days short of celebrating her 82nd birthday – Pastor Mimi was promoted to Glory after a long and fulfilled life. Her passing away has not left one heart untouched. And so, to celebrate her life, her immense contribution and the crucial part she has played in the creation and welfare of New Beginnings Ministry, it was decreed that the sanctuary of the Church shall perpetually be graced with the picture/painting of Pastor Mimi. For all she has done in Christ, this congregation will never forget.

Now, at this present time, under the care of Rev. Stéphane Chauvette, New Beginnings Ministry/Church is holding a year-long Bible College Course, to which more than eighty (80) students have enrolled. In the words of many, these classes are by far the most complete and exciting Bible studies they have ever been a part of. An advanced biblical course, where the fundamentals of Christianity are methodically studied through 8 major semesters.

Above all, throughout the years, many memories have been forged in New Beginnings Ministry/Church. Days of glory, happiness and breakthroughs have filled many lives, and yet the memory of the past has not diminished their resolve to experience greater things in the near future from the Almighty. It is a fact that back in the early days of the Ministry, New Beginnings Church’s original motto was “Where the Uncompromising Word of God Goes Forth!” But now, decades later, the words attached to the Ministry are clear and perfectly summarize the newly-received divine mandate: “Raising a New Generation for Christ.”

If you are looking for a home church – a sanctuary of the Redeemed – where the members are continuously inspired, encouraged, equipped and strengthened in their walk as disciples of Christ, then New Beginnings Ministry is the Church for you!

See you soon!

Rev. Stéphane Chauvette
Senior Pastor
New Beginnings Church